For the past 50 years we have focused the core of our business on Customer Service. It is the longest activity in our relationship with each customer lasting years, even decades. It is forefront in all we do from answering the phone, responding to emails and utmost providing onsite service and repairs. It is this focus on service that has gained us the trust and repeat business since 1968.

Simply put, Customer Service is our spoken word, our written values, it is our reputation in action. To meet our own high standards we strive for and those our clients expect we have invested in a vast behind-the-scenes network of tools and software to accomplish this goal. In addition to our own steps to create efficiency we also utilize each of our manufacturer’s own integrated systems and their international database of knowledge allowing us to access information and machine service information on your network copier to determine service needs before the Technician arrives on site.

As with any service organization, we wish we could say that we have a 100% success rate but as we try our best we may have fallen short at times in 50 years. The good news is that when there is a missed deadline or an expectation that we could not fulfill, we diligently do all we can to go the extra mile, provide extra service with loaners or after-hours support or on site assistance from the manufacturer. If needed we have even adjusted billing to our own disadvantage to ensure our customers continue to sense the value of a relationship with the oldest and largest independent document management dealership from border to border on the South Carolina coast.

For fastest service, use the links for Request Service or Order Supplies on our website, or email us at or call our office at 843-572-9111.

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